Prayer Ministry

Here at Shiloh Ministries, we believe in prayer, prayer, and more prayer. Not only do we believe very strongly in the power of prayer, but we also believe in the power of continuous prayer as we are instructed to "pray without ceasing" 1 Thessalonians 5 v 17. Our prayer ministry is one of the most cherished ministries in our church because prayer is a form of communication with God. Our prayer ministry is also connected to our prayer line which you can call into at 6am, 12pm and 12am Monday through Friday at 302-202-1188.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry is one of the newest ministries at Shiloh Ministries, however, they are very involved. Our youth is very active in the church and partakes in many other ministries. Most of them are also on the Praise Dance team as well as Praise and Worship Team. They have participated in other youth activities in the region and taken small trips as a way to fellowship and spread the gospel. 

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Food Ministry

It has always been our tradition to serve a hot meal to all of our members and visitors after each and every Sunday morning service from the beginning. We see it as a great opportunity for us to fellowship with one another and bask in the love of God. We cannot wait for you to come worship with us at 10AM on next Sunday and talk about the glory of God over hot and delicious Haitian food and cola!

Praise Dance Ministry

Psalm 149 v 3 reads "Let them praise his name with dancing..." Our vibrant praise dance team is one of the first ministries in the history of Shiloh Ministries. We believe in praising God at every chance we get and many different ways. Our praise dance team has performed in many of our programs and continue to praise our God in an artistic and beautiful way.