About the Pastor

Pastor Ragive Dulcio


Pastor Ragive Dulcio is the visionary leader of Shiloh Ministries.


Pastor Ragive came to know the Lord at a very early age through attending church with his mother in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, where he was born. Shortly thereafter, he was convinced by the Holy Spirit to accept him as his personal savior in the summer of 1994. As a young convert, he immediately developed a desire to serve in ministry and started exercising his calling by serving as a praise and worship leader in his local church in Haiti. From then on, he did missionary work and evangelization, while still finding time to help with whatever was necessary around the church.  It was during that period that he also developed a passion for praying for others who needed deliverance, a practice he continues to follow in my ministry today. In the year of 2009, God implanted a tremendous transition upon his life and called him to become a minister, a command which he submitted to instantaneously. In his role as minister, he provides spiritual guidance to the members of his church so that people can experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit through redemption, restoration, revelation, demonstration and deliverance. As he likes to tell his church members, his goal "is not only to provide spiritual guidance, but to also create disciples in the Lord." When Pastor Ragive is not in church, he likes to spend time with his wonderful wife and two children, in whom he tries his best to instill the Word of God even though they are still young.